What is a used stainless steel Pre-Coat Filter?

The used stainless steel Pre-Coat filters are vertical filters that have a group of tubes also vertical inside the vessel. These tubes are covered by a filter medium.

The unfiltered product comes from the lower part of the filter circulating to the upper head through tubes. The impurities of the unfiltered product will stay around the tubes forming what we call cake, reaching the upper head only the unfiltered product. When the pressure inside the filter increases too much due to the large amount of cake which increases the resistance of liquid to flow through the tubes, a process of cleaning should be done.

In this process of cleaning fluid power closes and the pressure of the filter

The fluid returns back, circulating from the inside to the outside of the tubes releasing the cake to the conical bottom.

Finally the cake will be downloaded when desired, depending on the amount of cake obtained by each filtering cycle.
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