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Comquima, a company specialized to the purchase and sale of used stainless steel equipment in the chemical, cosmetic, food, etc. It has added to its stock a used 0.35 to 1.5 litres complete line bottles.

This complete packaging line includes;

  • Used blower for bottles up to 3 litres and preform positioner
  • Fillers with a production capacity of 15,000 bottles per hour.
  • Labelers with a production capacity of 15,000 bottles per hour.
  • Cold group
  • Elevators

For more information do not hesitate to contact our sales department by calling 933 890 204 or send an email to You can also visit our website, where you will find up to 500 machines of different sectors.



This month of July reached COMQUIMA lots of used stainless steel centrifugal pumps. This type of pump transform mechanical energy of the impeller in kinetic energy and potential for fluid drive.

In our stock you will find pump centrifugal required depending on flow, manometric height and power required for your process.

For more information do not hesitate to contact our sales department by calling 933 890 204 or send an email to You can also visit our website, where you will find up to 500 machines of different sectors.



With over 100 years of experience in process equipment, Comquima, expert in sale of machinery, adds to its Stock this Reactor Kilolab 20 litres completaly new. This Reactor Kilolab unused has been manufactured in the year 2018 in Italy.

With a working temperature from - 10 ° C a160 and a working pressure of 8mbar - 0.49 bar, this Reactor Kilolab may heat up as it is equipped with a heating jacket.

Due to its configuration as Kilolab mounted on SKID, said equipment enables to conduct tests of reaction but is also equipped with condensate collection system allowing us to reproduce on a small scale any range industrial reaction process.


This April has arrived at Comquima the reactor unused Pfaudler BE25000 25,000 litters enamelled. It is a vertical reactor BE25000. It was manufactured in 2005 by PFAUDLER and has a total capacity of 28 388 litters.

The body and jacket of this enamelled reactor were designed to withstand pressures of -1 / + 6 bar and temperatures of -60 / + 200 ºC. The total height is 4927 mm for a diameter of 3000 mm.
For more information on this reactor or any other used stainless steel reactor, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

Used stainless steel 316L 20.000 litres Aguilar y Salas reactor (REF: C4261)

Comquima, with extensive experience in buying and selling used stainless steel reactors, incorporates into its stock this large 19,200 litres used stainless steel reactor with agitation and jacket.

This used stainless steel reactor is manufactured by Aguilar y Salas in 1990 and has a conical bottom and klopper top bottom on four brackets with 3 baffles.

And about the dimensions, this reactor has a height of 6025 mm and and a weight of 3920kg.

For further information on the used stainless steel reactor with agitation and jacket please contact Comquima sales department.

Used tricanter Flottweg Z23-3441 (REF: C3880)

Recently, at Comquima, we have refurbished A Tricanter Flottweg model Z23-3441.

This used tricanter Flottweg It is manufactured in 2004 works to 6000 rpm, with maximum density of sediment of 2.4kg/dm3 and in a temperature range of 0 to 100 ° C.This equipment is designed to carry out the separation of three phases, two of them liquid and one solid. The solid phase has to be heavier for the correct separation of phases. On the other hand, the immiscible liquids will separate by gravity and by pressure. The heavier one will be expelled at the top as a consequence of the pressure.

For further information on the USED TRICANTER FLOTTWEG Z23-3441 (REF: C3880) please contact Comquima sales department.

Used Iron Screening Machine TC-800

As a specialist in the purchase and sale of used stainless steel tanks, Comquima also offers a wide range of industrial screening machines in its catalogue.

As a complement to this stock, Comquima incorporated a new used TC-800 iron screening machine manufactured by Leroy Somer. This screen machine has a top speed of 1445 rpm and a power output of 4 kW.

Should you wish to receive further information or a personalised budget for the used TC-800 iron screening machine, please do not hesitate to contact Comquima sales department.

AE 250 Glazed Reconditioned Reactors with Agitation

Comquima has recently added two glazed reconditioned AE 250 reactors with agitation and mechanical seal to its used stainless steel machinery catalogue.

Manufactured by Pfaulder in 1992, both have been reconditioned as brand new and warranted by 3V Tech. Both are available for immediate delivery to the customer.

For additional information and/or budget requests for the AE 250 glazed and reconditioned reactors with agitation, please contact Comquima sales department.

Used Stainless Steel Machinery for Weekly Rental

Comquima, with more than 100 years of experience in the purchasing and selling of used stainless steel machinery, offers a new weekly rental service to all its customers.

Thus, Comquima offers weekly rental options for equipment such as mixers, reactors, tanks, centrifuges, and many others included in its extensive machinery catalogue, in case product tests are needed to determine the most suitable equipment for a specific process.

As a matter of example, the 30 litre Galtt Labortenic biconical mixer, shown in the main photo of this text, is currently available for rent.

For further information on the weekly rental of used stainless steel machinery, please contact Comquima's sales department.


This used stainless steel tank, small in appearance but with a capacity of 400 litres, is one of the novelties in the Comquima catalogue for November.

It is supported on 4 legs and has a total height of 1200 mm. It has a man's mouth with a lid and closures on the upper bottom, and a conical bottom with a butterfly discharge valve.

Available for budget request to Comquima' s sales department in the following link:

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